Women Give More than Men: What are you doing about it?

Does your nonprofit have a distinct strategy for reaching female donors? Maybe it should. A study of giving by household shows that across income levels women are more likely to give and give more than men. The study by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University looked at giving by men and women across income levels and marriage status—never married, divorced, and widowed.

In all groups other than widow/widower, women were more likely to give than men. The group that gave the least to charity: men who have never been married. Widowed men were most likely to give (71% made some charitable contribution v. widowed females at 67%).

What does this mean for your nonprofit? It might well be worth finding ways to specifically reach out to women. Personally, I’d suggest it’s not enough to put a flower on your next mailer. Rather, figure out what is important to your female constituents and put those messages in your donor communications. Are you doing this already? What’s working and not working?


5 Responses to “Women Give More than Men: What are you doing about it?”

  1. Baby Pickel Says:

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  2. Pastor Jack Wilson Says:

    That is because woman have better hearts than men. You will also notice that women in the Church have greater numbers then men.
    If only some of our men would begin to act like women, the Church might grow faster!

  3. Donna Says:

    I totally disagree with Jack! Women have sinful hearts, too, but we are more emotional and quicker to respond to pleas for help. Men are more skeptical (regarding the stewardship of the recipient, and where the donation is really going).

    I’m reading the Love & Respect book, and I was convicted regarding my arrogance that my way was better than my husband’s. It is not an uncommon view that a woman’s view or attitude is more righteous than a man’s (as Jack expressed) but it simply is not true.

    I say: if men would act like MEN and less like women the church would grow faster! It is the men who are soft and afraid to tell the truth for fear of rocking the boat that is killing the church. If men acted like MEN (spoke the truth on what God actually says about cohabitation, sex outside of marriage, abortion, life, raising children, money management, etc.) I bet attendance would increase, not decrease. Because people are hungry for the truth, not to be placated with soft feel good sermons that do not challenge them to live lives of integrity before God.

  4. Pastor Jack Wilson Says:

    Please remove my post from your blog. I replied to your retort but you chose to remove it because it showed your error. If you can not show my postings in their entirety, then you just slant your blog in a attempt to deceive others.

  5. Pastor Jack Wilson Says:

    Just by addressing a Pastor by his first name shows that Donna probably does not really respect her husband either.

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