There’s an old cliché that Silence is Golden.  When my kids were young and I was a stay at home mom I would have followed that cliché with a resounding Amen!  But as a giver I feel a little differently.

When I give it’s because I want to be a part of something – something bigger than myself.  The reality is that I am not Rockefeller or Gates when it comes to the dollars I give. . . but my heart doesn’t know the difference.  The dollars, limited as they may be, are expressions of my heart. I want to be a part of something. I want to make a difference. It is a journey that I am slowly growing in but I admit that I wonder if the organizations that I give to understand or care about that journey.

Being part of the Servant Foundation I get to be part of some pretty major gifts and as a Foundation representative I receive many notes of appreciation and encouragement.  But the personal giving side looks much different. A note of thanks is a rarity.  Sometimes there is literally no communication – form letter, receipt or otherwise.  In this case, Silence is Deafening. Without communication I assume my giving doesn’t matter.

Earlier this week the silence ended. I received a hand-written, personal note from a ministry leader that made my heart leap for joy. The interesting thing is that this ministry is one I haven’t given to in several years.  The note was a reflection of what our personal support (not just the giving but the words of encouragement, etc) meant to this leader.  It served as a reminder that maybe the little guy can make a difference.  The note caused me to revisit the ministry and re-engage my commitment to the cause.  Guess who’s on the top of my giving list this year?

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  1. Pastor Jack Wilson Says:

    This post is all too true. As a Pastor in one of the poorest places in the Philippines, I run across many children and adults begging. A quick determination to be sure they are really in need and my hand goes to my pocket to find whatever I might share. Too many times the person takes it, turns and walks away. Sometimes I yell after them, “Salamat” which means thank you. Then they might turn and repeat the phrase. I need the tahnk you. It reaffirms that I have done something to help and as you said, “Without communication I assume my giving doesn’t matter.”
    I always return a hand written email when donations come through the internet. If they come by check into our account and there is no email, I then email a letter to our man in the U.S. and he will print and send it out.
    I also believe it is so incredibly important to let donors know that their funds make a difference to you and that you care about them.
    Donors are our partners in Christ and have as much hand in the outcome of this ministry as we do.

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