The World’s Richest Man

Someone forwarded me a link the other day on the world’s second richest man. It was a story about Warren Buffett and was a wonderful story of the way he lives—with simplicity.

But the article got me thinking about who truly is the world’s richest man? And as I stopped to ponder the candidates, it occurred to me immediately that riches could not be measured in monetary terms. Indeed, how many of the world’s wealthy have faded from the world scene just as a summer storm. For instance, many of our kids today would not even know the name Andrew Carnegie.

A man’s wealth has to be measured more than in a bank account. So should it be progeny? Consider Father Abraham—he was blessed to be the father of many nations. By his seed, we have been blessed with life. But surely, it cannot be the number of children one spawns. That route could take us into all kinds of mindless welfare routes.

True riches—what does it equal? The answer I hope is all too obvious—lives transformed. Who was, and is the greatest transforming agent of all time? Jesus. No other person can claim the impact on this world. Cities, nations and cultures have been influenced by his life. Countless millions have confronted his claims and submitted to his simple claims.

If the Purple Heart award were given in the spiritual sense then Jesus would have an entire bank of them. The richest man in the world has to measured by all the millions and millions of lives that he touched.

This all makes me wonder just a bit how my riches will be measured someday.

William High is the President of the Servant Foundation ( Servant’s mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity. He may be reached at

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