Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010

To kick off the new year, we thought we’d look back briefly at last year. From the Haiti disaster in January to the tax extensions in December, 2010 was a significant year. Our topics on the blog ranged from cell phone campaigns to the Chilean miners. Here are the our most popular posts from 2010:

1. An Inconvenient Truth: Charitable Climate Change on Capitol Hill. Much has happened on the political front since this was originally posted back in February, but Washington is still experiencing a significant shift in attitude toward the charitable deduction. The 7 suggestions listed here are as timely as ever.

2. True Greatness: A Tribute to Peter Spokes. In 2010, a man who championed fathering and impacted many of us passed away. Here, Bill High relays how Peter’s life touched him personally.

3. Charities Must Brace for the Impact of Tax Increases. Unprecedented government spending. Historic defecits. Aging social programs. No matter your political leanings, the reality is that the tax bill will be coming due soon. This will have an enormous impact on nonprofits as babyboomers move into retirement and younger generations are saddled with new taxes.

4. Five Online Giving Trends for 2010. Giving on the web is not new anymore, but it still hasn’t matured to fully rival its older fundraising counterparts. This past year saw a surge in donations via mobile devices as well, with numerous small gifts making up for large total dollars.

5. IRA Rollover Provision Extended. When Congress extended the Bush tax cuts, it also re-instated this popular giving tool for those over 70 1/2. An IRA charitable rollover is a great way to give for those who are required to take annual minimum distributions.

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