Served by Christ

A surprising thing just happened to me.  I’m pretty sure I was served by Jesus, or at least one of his followers who embodies the spirit of giving, sacrifice, and love.  I was recently hospitalized and have two small children, one who still nurses throughout the night. Needless to say, this has put a burden on my husband.  A friend came over two nights in a row and took care of the baby at night so my husband could get some rest while I was still in the hospital.  That alone, is an amazing act of love. One night, the baby was up every two hours.

But today, I received a thank you note from that person and her husband thanking ME for allowing them to serve my family.  Wow.  I’m feeling incredibly blessed.  I also sense the love of the Father in His provision for us during this tough time.  But there’s a bit of conviction too–do I serve this humbly, or am expecting something (even just a thank you) in return?

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