Black Friday Assault Giving

I confess.  I was one of those early shoppers on Black Friday.  There were a couple of deals that were too good to pass up.

As I stood in line, the four women in front of me guarded their loaded cart.  They each wore matching pink t-shirts with the promise “I’ll be good next year”, apparently in their reference to refrain from shopping so much.  Likewise, they each wore black knit scarves and well cushioned running shoes.  They were an assault team.  Pity those who got in their way.

In keeping with an assault team, their efforts had been well coordinated.  One had been dispatched to the $3.99 DVDs.  One had gone to toys, another to electronics and another to the clothes aisle.  They bubbled over their overflowing cart, and the deals they’d gotten.  They talked of their coming raid on the next unsuspecting store.

Pretty impressive.  And it made me think, what would happen if we applied Black Friday assault giving tactics?  What would happen if we would coordinate our giving strategically?  What would happen if some good minds got together to solve our local and national dilemmas?  What would happen if we dispatched part of our giving to the streets of the urban core, captured the bunkers of the poor, and laid an all out assault on hunger while being sure to bring the light of the gospel to every darkened place?  Pity the darkness.

Indeed, if we can coordinate our efforts on spending, surely we ought to be able to do the same on our giving!  Who is with me?

William F. High is the President/General Counsel of the Servant Christian Community Foundation (  Servant’s mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity.  He may be reached at

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