Great Commission Going Strong

In the past few weeks I have been saddened by the negative news stories concerning prominent Christian leaders.  True or not, the fact remains that this type of news is disheartening to say the least.   However, God is doing so many phenomenal things around the globe that a news team will never cover.

I had the pleasure of meeting with two ministries over the past week that God is using tremendously to fulfill the Great Commission.  First, I attended the Better Together Conference put on by Every Home for Christ.  The regional directors from around the globe came to Colorado Springs to report on the evangelistic efforts in the “uttermost parts of the earth”.   Most inspiring was the report from China.  Tens of thousands are coming to Christ each month.  You won’t hear about that on the news.

Yesterday I was able to hear a presentation by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Again, I am encouraged by what God is doing through this organization.  It is also encouraging to see the faithfulness to the Truth of the Gospel by a ministry even through the transfer of leadership to the next generation.

We have a long way to go to complete the Great Commission, but I have never been so encouraged by the progress these ministries and others are making.

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