The Power of the Gift—Part 3

Gordon Gekko is back on Wall Street, at least so the movie trailers tell us. He’s a ruthless trader bent upon money and power. What affinity does Gordon Gekko produce? Admiration? Devotion? Fear?

There’s another movie, far shorter, that produces a different emotion. It’s called Miracle in Franklin. It’s the story of a family who wanted to adopt. They didn’t feel, however, they could adopt because of personal debt they’d accumulated. But a “chance” meeting on a street corner with another couple changed all of that.

They told the couple about their desire to adopt and their need to eliminate debt. Not long afterwards that “chance” meeting couple showed up at their house and wrote out a check to help them pay off their debt.

Their response? “Who does this kind of thing?” What is the power of the gift? It causes us to wonder. It causes us to sense our own weakness. It brings us to our knees. It shows us our own inability to handle it all ourselves.

The power of the gift causes us to look upward. The power of the gift turns us to be givers as well. Gordon Gekko or Miracle in Franklin—choose your storyline.

William High is the President and General Counsel of the Servant Christian Community Foundation ( Their mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity. He may be reached at


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