Christianomics? The Coming Demographic Storm

Christianomics is the study of the trends in Christianity. One of the coming issues in Christianity today is the demographic storm.

The War Generations (WWII and Korean War) are quickly dying away. They represent 37 million people and declining. They also represent the values of faith, freedom and family. They were the founders of so many Christian ministries around the world.

The Boomers are the product of the War Generations. They rebelled against the silence of the War Generations and brought about the 60s and all it represented. The Boomers number 80 million people—a great mass of people. They have adopted some of the values of the War Generations but not all.

In Generation X, they are the smallest generation—69 million people. They will shoulder the burden of the Boomers moving toward retirement and Social Security but with 11 million less wage earners, they will be unable to do so. Taxes will go up, and giving will go down. This sets aside the issue that Xers represent the least churched generation of any before us.

Generation Y, the Millenials, will number 100 million people. But like X, they will be unable to shoulder the Social Security burden and the ever mounting government debt. Giving will go down.

The church will be faced with a declining giver base coupled with a rising need to care for a rapidly aging population. In short, it is more need with less resources.

How will the church respond?

William High is the President/General Counsel of the Servant Foundation ( Servant’s mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity. He may be reached at


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  1. Chris Reed Says:

    Would love to see a similar discussion about how many of the younger two generations (X and Y) favor being physically active in the causes they support either instead of, or in addition to, supporting them financially.

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