Understanding the Big Why of Giving

Not long ago, I sat in a ministry presentation. The ministry was clearly trying to win the crowd to gather support for its ministry.

It was a fairly typical presentation. They described who they were, and they listed the numbers behind the impact they were making. And they made a call for support.

But they failed to present the big why. Most importantly, they did not understand that their ministry was not the big why. It never is.

What is the big why? The big why is the overall strategic reason for the organization’s existence. For instance, Young Life is not the big why. Reaching young people, however, is a big why. The reason why Young Life exists as an organization is to reach young people.

So often we tend to elevate an organization as the big why. The organization is only a tool, however, to reaching or fulfilling their call. We place the organization as the first answer.  In reality, that which motivates us—reaching young people—is the first answer. How we reach young people may be accomplished in many ways.

By keeping in mind the big why, we can better keep ourselves, our givers, our staff focused upon what is truly important. It is the cause first, not the organization. May we never confuse the cause with organization.

William High is the President/General Counsel of the Servant Foundation (www.servantchristian.com). Servant’s mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity. He may be reached at whigh@servantchristian.com.

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