Giving the Mountain

In recent blog posts I have shared about taking the plunge in a paradigm shift in how we look at fundraising.  This week I want to share a personal story about a giver’s heart transformed.

I will never forget Estelle.  An 85-year-old widow, Estelle, had always supported ministry with small monthly gifts. The widow’s mite if you will.  From a cash standpoint, Estelle was giving what she could.

A ministry introduced the idea of giving property to Estelle and brought us in to help. Estelle’s wealth was not in her checkbook; rather it was the mountainside property she lived upon.

The journey with Estelle has been a sweet one as our part was to serve her with excellence and God’s part was to transform her heart.  From a transaction standpoint it made a lot of sense. Estelle could give a portion of the land to a Charitable Remainder Trust, which gave her some income and provided a bigger giving opportunity than she could previously imagine. The heart transformation was fun to watch as Estelle went from fretting the details to one day exclaiming “this is God’s mountain and He will provide.” The transformation was fret in to joy.

From a transaction standpoint it was great to serve Estelle in meeting her objectives. From a transformational standpoint, well this one is off the charts – not just Estelle’s but mine as well as God used Estelle to grow my heart more than I realized!


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  1. Eric Foley Says:

    What a great story, Connie! It is exciting to see people have their eyes opened to all that they can give. And your own heart being affected in the process is a great testament to the communal experience of Christian maturity.

    Have you also seen Estelle grow in relation to her non-financial wealth: friends she tells about the cause, time she spends volunteering, etc.?

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