The Sower

I have been reading a great book published by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  As an aside, if you are ministry leader and are not familiar with ECFA and their Seven Standards to Responsible StewardshipTM, I encourage you to visit their website at  ECFA is an essential and valuable resource for all Christian ministries regardless of size.

The book, The Sower; Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources is authored by R. Scott Rodin and Gary C. Hoag, true veterans of the Christian nonprofit and fundraising world.

The premise for the book revolves around the fact that Christian ministries have been using secular fundraising techniques with little attention given to whether the practices were consistent with God’s word.

In Finding God in Unexpected Places, author Philip Yancey recalls how he saved every fundraising appeal he received for a month’s time and then analyzed the 62 appeals.  As a result, he concluded that appeals from Christian organizations used the same transactional techniques (underlining, PS, focus on urgency, etc) as everyone else and not a single appeal from a Christian organization focused on Yancey’s need as a Christian to honor and obey God through his giving.

The book challenges us to look at the primary purpose of fundraising as raising people to be rich toward God.

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