Thoughts on Global Leadership Summit: TOMS

I’ve been at the Global Leadership Summit this week, and it’s been extremely challenging. Of particular note was an interview of Blake Mycoskie. Blake founded the shoe company TOMS with the goal to give away one pair of shoes for every pair purchased – what the company calls “One for One”. Since its founding in 2006, over 680,000 pairs of shoes given away to children in the third world.

What’s amazing about their model is the passion of their customers. People purchasing TOMS shoes are making a real, measurable difference by buying their product. Some statements that popped out of the interview to me:

  • Giving feels amazing.
  • Whatever you’re doing, in your business or personal life, incorporate giving.
  • Giving not only feels good, it’s also a good business strategy.
  • Incorporating giving and service into your culture has a transformative effect.
  • If you want to create change, you have to ask people to join you. You can’t be bashful if you want to make change.
  • It’s never too early to start serving and start giving. It was very tempting to wait until his company became profitable to begin giving, but he would’ve missed out on blessing. Or to wait until he was personally successful to start making change, but he would miss years of giving.
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