Time’s 100 Influential People—The Common Thread

What is the common thread of the world’s most influential people?

The May 2010 issue of Time lists the 100 Most Influential People in the World.  The list includes many well known notables, including Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, Serena Williams, etc.  The list includes lesser well known to those in the United States, including people such as

  • Mark Carney, Canada’s banking chief, who is encouraging personal financial responsibility;
  • Sheik Khalifa, who put a personal $10 billion into Dubai’s real estate market to keep it afloat;
  • Jerry Holkins/Mike Krahulik, who started a charity called Child’s Play which sends video games to sick kids in more that 60 hospitals around the world.

Time’s article is largely a biographical listing of the top 100 people in the world.  There’s nothing scientific about their work, but one of the interesting observations about their list is the common thread running through the list.

That common thread is easy to miss.  Throughout the list, you’ll see people who are more focused upon the common good than self. Their lives are marked by generosity—giving away rather than accumulation.

It really is a simple equation.  Generosity breeds influence, and a life that makes a difference.

William F. High is the President/General Counsel of the Servant Christian Community Foundation. He may be contacted at whigh@servantchristian.com. Servant’s mission is to inspire, teach and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity.

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