The Greatest Time in the History of the World

These are the greatest times in the history of the world!? What say you?

Think about it: Tax increases! Volcanic ash! Disrupted flights, tax tea parties, civil wars, ethnic wars, terrorism, earthquakes, polarization of American society, and the list goes on!

So just how is it the greatest time in the history of the world? Witness:

  • In two weeks I’ll head to a meeting where a consortium of bible groups will work together to figure out how to get the bible in the hands of the estimated upcoming 5 billion cell phone users around the world;
  • In about two months, some of the more creative higher net worth influential business leaders will gather—not to talk about business—but to talk about how they can be better servants, better givers in their communities and around the world;
  • There’s a group quietly working away to share the gospel over the internet and they are enjoying great success—something like 2 million hits per day on their website with hundreds of thousands of professions of faith;
  • The Christian church in Iran—yes, I said Iran—continues to flourish.

These are the greatest days for the advance of the gospel around the world! The gospel continues to advance vigorously even if violent men oppose it. The people, the technology and the financial capital are present in abundance for us to get this thing called the Great Commission done in our lifetime. Great days, indeed.

William High is the President/General Counsel of the Servant Christian Community Foundation. He may be reached at

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