Giving on the Web: New Online Philanthropic Tool, Jumo

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, revealed last week his latest online project: Jumo.

This new site (launching next fall) is geared to connect individuals passionate about particular issues and causes with charitable organizations that are having significant impact. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Hughes says he learned from the Obama campaign that “people want to engage in a more substantive level, if you just open up the information channels.”

The article explains, “The goal with Jumo…is to create longer-term relationships between people and causes. ‘If you can help people discover and truly connect with these organizations and issues, then that is where you really open up a whole set of resources that were previously inaccessible. That is a very different experience from seeing an organization that you already know and giving them $10 bucks,’ [Hughes] said.”

Though Jumo isn’t launching for a while, they have a site where you can sign up for future updates. There’s also an interesting survey that asks an array of questions designed to creatively capture your lifestyle and ideological leanings. Though I believe Jumo has the potential to have a huge impact in the non profit sphere, it’s usefulness to foundations like ours will depend on its inclusiveness. If the political and ideological leanings of the creators prevent religious and pro-life organizations from participating fully, I would be very disappointed. Based on the survey I took, it looks like they plan to include all forms of activism, but we’ll find out in the fall.

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