Your Ministry’s Elevator Speech

Have you ever met someone for the first time and walked away thinking, “Man, that was like drinking from a fire hose.” You loved their passion and energy, but you had no idea what they were saying – it was too much, too fast. Sometimes, as ministries, our printed materials that we give to donors can have that same effect: a lot of passion, but too much to process at one time.

One way to tackle this, especially on a first meeting, is to develop your one-pager. Think of this like your well-tuned, ‘30 second elevator speech’ in print. It should be designed to give enough info to captivate your audience, giving them a feel and general idea for what it is you do. Ideally, it leaves them wanting to know more, wanting to continue the conversation. Inform and invite without overwhelming.

A bulleted one-page overview document can be a powerful piece in particular with the business savvy. Some key things to highlight (again in bulleted form, not narrative form):

  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Key accomplishments or history highlights
  • Growth strategy
  • Board and staff info
  • Funding Plan
  • Current needs

Connie Hougland is Vice President at Servant Christian Community Foundation. She helps ministries and non profits transition from targeting donors to serving givers. She can be reached at

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