Family Lessons with Family Giving

We’d just finished our Sunday lunch right after church. And it was time to get some work done. Our giving work.

My wife had been saving up a hand full of requests for mission trips and support letters that we’d received over the past few weeks. We laid them out on the kitchen table and began reading through them with our boys.

There was a request for a short term trip to investigate water wells in Ethiopia. We liked that one because it had the component of sharing the gospel. We looked at another one with a local college where they were doing similar work, but we detected no gospel message so we set it aside. We discussed the need of a single mom, and made the easy decision to help her…and so our discussion went.

I whipped out my laptop, and because I could access my donor advised fund online, we began making gifts right there at the lunch table. My boys (14 and 13) participated in our lively but quick-moving discussion. It was fun to give away money as a family.

And the beauty of it? We began talking about a missionary effort within a closed country. We knew the family well and talked about whether we should support them. My 14 year old, upon hearing the discussion, went to his own giving stash and counted out the $54.85 he had set aside. He threw it into the mix because he saw the value of their work.

Giving really can be fun. And spontaneous. And it can be a family activity over lunch that becomes part of the fabric of your family.

William High is the President of the Servant Christian Community Foundation. He can be reached at if you you’d like more information.

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