A Winning Team

When someone asks you about your ministry what is your typical response? Do you share the latest success story or do you relent about the overwhelming unmet needs you are addressing?

Needs are real. Needs are relevant. Needs are why we exist as a ministry. But needs can also be insurmountable. When sharing about your ministry we want to acknowledge the need – the real need – we are addressing. But, then we should focus on what is working in meeting that need. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be part of a winning team?

By highlighting the overwhelming need (versus the great things God is doing) you may give the impression that the battle is not worth it. In particular, givers and funders want to know their investment is making a difference. Givers tend to give more to a compelling vision versus and compelling need. So, make sure your givers know they are part of a winning team!

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