Selling the Doable for Ministry Funding

I got a call from a friend today. A ministry was asking for money from her, and she was asking me for due diligence on the ministry. One problem: the ministry was in desperate straits and needed funding immediately.

How often has this occurred to you? Have you received the “urgent gram” in the mail with the familiar plea—“give to us or our children don’t get new shoes this month.” No one likes to receive the plea for funds driven by the desperate.

What’s the answer? Sell the doable. Believe the doable.

What do I mean? Some experts tell us that the Great Commission can be completed with as little as $6-10 billion dollars. In other words, the completion of the Great Commission is a “doable” number. Now a billion dollars sounds like a lot of money particularly if your ministry budget is $150,000 a year. Our problem is that we tend not to sell or believe that our ministry and our calling our doable.

But God does.

Here’s a simple truth. There’s a lot of money out there. Did you know that the Goldman Sachs Private Equity Fund currently has $90.7 billion dollars in it. Carlyle Group has another $86.2 billion dollars in it. The Blackstone Group has a mere $54 billion dollars. Any one of them could fund the completion of the Great Commission.

So why don’t they? They don’t have the vision for it. Funding follows vision. What’s your vision as a giver? What’s your vision as a ministry? Chances are that God wants us to think a little bigger. Sell the doable. Believe the doable.

William High is president of Servant Christian Community Foundation.


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  1. Debbi Fann Says:

    Thank you for that short blog. It really reminded me of just how big God really is. The Great Commission is such a beautiful command, and your statement today to remember that God thinks a lot bigger than I could ever imagine.
    Have a great week with Jesus,
    Deb Fann

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