Giving on the Web: 5 Online Giving Trends for 2010

The media has been closely following the unprecedented amounts of text donations for disaster relief efforts in Haiti (over $35 million as of Monday). This outpouring of gifts has been a poignant reminder of the way that technology is changing the face of fundraising and giving.

Network for Good recently posted five trends they’ve recognized related to online giving:

  • More donations, smaller average gift size – Donors may be increasingly using the web for more giving, but the size of the gift is usually smaller. To gain gifts, you’ll continue to see charities make giving easier online or via mobile devices.
  • Timidity towards new causes – During economic struggles donors are focused on their core charities – the ones they identify with the most. It is getter harder and harder for non-profits to reach brand new constituents, so charities will have to refine their vision statements and delivery to stand out from the crowd.
  • More spam – Organizations are trying to get your attention, and email marketing will continue to surge.
  • Recurring giving – As the technology becomes more available, expect to have more options for automatic, regular gifts. It’s convenient for you and helps organizations stabilize their income.
  • Year-end drives – “Fourth quarter giving comprised over half of the total dollar value and number of donations made in 2009,” NFG posts. This isn’t a new trend – it’s the norm, but plan for the year-end push to get louder and louder.

You can read Network for Good’s entire article here.


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