To Facebook or Not to Facebook

We’ve been having a discussion in the office about whether or not SCCF needs a presence on Facebook. The concesus: yes, but how? I believe having an ineffectual or inactive social media presence may be more detrimental than not having one at all. As an active Facebook user, I’ve had good and bad experiences with nonprofits and social media.

With that in mind, I’m reading Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media and gaining a few insights. They have quite a few examples, although the layout not the best. Still wrestling with how to apply it to our foundation – if you have a nonprofit, how are you using Facebook? If your a user, how would you like your nonprofits to connect with you?

One Response to “To Facebook or Not to Facebook”

  1. Matt Says:

    You definitely need to use social media. You’re also right that you need to do it well. I’d say you need someone to be THE social media person. It can’t just be tacked on to someone’s job, at least not at the start. I’d recommend visiting for some ideas. They’ve got some good stuff on social media.

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