Resource Management


English (in Bible) – stewardship
Greek – oikonomia – economy, management of another’s affairs

> If God owns it all and we own nothing, then we are responsible to Him to manage His affairs.

> The REAL ISSUE is whether we view what we manage as ours or the Lords.

> The amount we manage is not the test, it is how faithful we are with what He entrust to us.

> Time is our most valuable asset. This life is brief therefore consider the long tomorrow.

> God has given us talents, aptitudes and abilities, to glorify Him and serve others.

> The Bible has 2,320 verses dealing with money and possessions.

> Ten % of the New Testament relates directly to money, and Jesus talked about it more than any other subject other than eternity. The reason is that our possessions are the number 1 competitor to Jesus for lordship of our lives.

> With our mouths we can pray, recite Scripture and talk about service, but our checkbook is a true test of our commitment to the Kingdom.

> Only two things will last and get to Heaven – the Word of God and people. Therefore, we not only manage our time, our talents, and His treasure but also the Truth and relationships.

> We have a responsibility to learn and apply Scriptural truths in all areas of our life.

> The time spent in cultivating relationships by loving and serving people has both present and eternal significance.

From “Conformed to His Image” by Ken Boa

frankbrownFrank E. Brown served as a pilot for TWA for 25 years. He is currently the Chairman of Via Bancourier. He has been active in Christian ministries for 30 years, and serves on the board at SCCF.

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