Take Inventory of Your Communications Plan

Now is a good time to look at your current communication — what does it look like? Is it like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose? Are we overwhelming those desiring to engage with us, or do they see a well articulated message that invites them to be a part of something?

Review your current Communications Strategy:

  1. Do you have an established message?
    1. Do you have a clear Mission and Vision – are they concise, compelling and donor friendly?
    2. Have you determined your Key Messages, and does everyone on our team know them?
  2. How do you intentionally distribute your message?
    1. Your Ministry Overview – in essence a business overview – should be one-page (at most front and back) and in a bulleted format. Key areas are mission/vision/values, history highlights, growth strategy, organizational highlights (board), funding plan, results and needs.
    2. Your Appeals should focus on the needs you are meeting, not your need for money – allow people to want to be a part of something instead of overwhelming them with guilt the need of the ministry.
    3. Are Program Brochures being used effectively? Brochures should not only give a brief overview but also facts, figures, details, and/or action steps.
    4. Does your website clearly communicate your mission/vision?
    5. What other venues could be an additional outlet to reach donors (radio, print advertisement, etc.)?
  3. Do you take advantage of on-going communication opportunities?
    1. Examine your newsletter or e-newsletters:
      1. Less is more – leave them wanting more.
      2. Use creative headers and titles.
      3. Be the subject matter expert. Gather data so others know that where to go for facts.
      4. Always outline clear action opportunities (ie. ways they can give, volunteer, etc.).
      5. Constantly share results and stories. Stories provide inspiration; results say we are doing what we say we are doing and your investment is making a difference.
    2. Contribution receipts – are they personal, appreciative, do you use them for opportunities to introduce new or other ways people can give?
  4. Are  you using the web effectively?
    1. Your website is more than an online brochure – information needs to be dynamic in nature so there is a reason for people to keep coming back.
    2. Can people take action on your site by giving to your cause? Make the ability to Donate Online accessible from one click on every page on your site.
    3. Learn to be the experts to increase traffic – have a blog, invite others (donors, recipients, experts in your field) to write posts for you as well.
    4. Use good pictures, sound, and video – people want to experience the difference they are (or could be) making.
    5. Be creative with social networking/media sites. See if there is a way you could use Facebook, Youtube, justgiving, uplej, or any other site your supporters (or future supporters might be on). Sites like these can be used to create an online community by making your supporters your evangelists.

Some helpful sites:

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