Are You On A Generosity Track?

By Frank Brown

The challenge is to consider the steps that you have experienced in your giving journey to determine if you are  becoming more generous.

  • Do you make donations of any significant amount to any church or charity?
  • How would you classify yourself at this point in your giving journey: non-giver, emerging giver, “Tickled Tither”, mature giver, generous giver?
  • If you feel that you are a giver at some level at what point did you embrace it & what factors or experiences made the difference?
  • Have you committed your life & all that you have to Jesus?
  • Do you believe that God owns it all & that you are His manager of the resources He has committed to your control?
  • Were you giving before you committed your life to Jesus?
  • As you became aware of giving as a part of your walk with the Lord did you feel a desire to give or was it an obligation?
  • In the early stages of this maturing process what was the most motivating factor that first inspired you to make a donation?
  • For example: was it parents modeling giving, Bible teaching, a Crown study, saw a need you wanted to give to, etc. What did you feel the first time you made a significant donation?
  • Did this motivate you to give again or give more? Have you experienced great joy in giving?
  • Do you feel that your gifts have made a significant difference in God’s Kingdom? (If not you probably aren’t giving enough).

frankbrownFrank E. Brown served as a pilot for TWA for 25 years. He is currently the Chairman of Via Bancourier. He has been active in Christian ministries for 30 years, and serves on the board at SCCF.

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