By Frank Brown


Here are ten truths about Giving that I have learned over 37 years of walking with Jesus:


Truth #1 – We are not naturally looking for ways to give. We had attended church for almost 20 years & if I ever put more than $10 in the collection plate I can’t remember it.


Truth #2 – Committing your life to Jesus will change your heart. We did & He did.


Truth #3– Studying the Bible will change your giving. I understood that tithing was expected so we started giving 10% of our income.


Truth #4 – The Lord blesses financially in many ways. Our marriage became stronger so there wasn’t the risk of a divorce. As I progressed in my career as an airline pilot we kept the same lifestyle & invested the excess. I started a business with my son & son-in-law & it became a profitable company.


Truth #5 – I had not thought about giving some of the 90% that was accumulating.

I figured the Lord was blessing us for a reason but didn’t know what He wanted me to do.


Truth #6 – We were paying too much in income taxes. After my kids were married & my wife died I knew had more than I needed. When the tools & options of the Servant Christian Community Foundation were explained to me the light bulb went on. Here was the way I could give from my accumulated assets in addition to just writing a check. Then I could see the reason I was entrusted with so much; it was so I could give to support the Kingdom.


Truth #7 –You can deduct 50% of income. In listening to a Generous Giving talk by Ron Blue this fact inspired me to up my giving.


Truth #8Understanding God owns it all changes your view of financial management. After leading several Crown Financial Bible Studies I saw my part differently.


Truth #9 – Seeing all that God is doing worldwide in His Kingdom creates great passion to be involved. I had not been aware before getting involved with the Foundation that so much was happening outside of my church & that there are so many powerful ministries that are limited by lack of funding.

Truth #10 – There is great joy in giving. Contrary to popular belief it really is more fun to give than to accumulate & spend. Deciding which work of the Kingdom to help support is more motivating than trying to figure out how to make more.


frankbrownFrank E. Brown served as a pilot for TWA for 25 years. He is currently the Chairman of Via Bancourier. He has been active in Christian ministries for 30 years, and serves on the board at SCCF.

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