Fun Foundation Names

You might get a kick out of these. Below is a list of real foundation and organization names our Christian Foundation Grants researchers have encountered in their research. If you know one of the foundations or organizations, send us an email- we’d love to know the stories behind these names.

The List

  1. Slaughter Young Foundation
  2. G.A.F.F. Foundation (aka Gosh All Friday Fishhooks Foundation)
  3. Recycled Pets
  4. Bang On A Can [a robot orchestra]
  5. The Free Lunch Foundation [they give to wildlife protection]
  6. Roaring Fork Friends
  7. Gable & Gotwals Mock Schwabe Kible Gaberino Foundation
  8. The Hertha Thomas-Zagari Giant Schnauzer Rescue
  9. Licking Valley Community Action Program
  10. Grumpy Old Men Foundation
  11. The Imperial Foundation [“They’ve destroyed two Death Stars, and your emperor and Darth Vader, yet you keep trying to raise support. What is up with you? You don’t give up, do you?”- commentary by one of our researchers]
  12. Grandma’s Tennis Toga
  13. The Hairy Angel Foundation
  14. KaBOOM!, Inc.
  15. Grey Plant Mooty Mooty Bennett Foundation
  16. San Diego Nice Guys
  17. High County Council on Drugs
  18. Tigger Foundation [“because bouncing is what they do best”- commentary by one of our researchers]
  19. Sea Pineapples Unlimited
  20. Franciscan Haircuts From the Heart
  21. MicrobiaLogic [makes charitable contributions of remote toilet bacteria]
  22. Get a Life Foundation
  23. Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society of Wisconsin
  24. Military Order of Cootie
  25. The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
  26. Society of Vacuum Coaters
  27. Dirty Vagabond Ministries
  28. Holy Backwash
  29. Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Memorial Scholarship Fund
  30. Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of…

– Jessica High and Ashley High are Research Assistants at Christian Foundation Grants, a subscription database of foundations that provide grants to faith based organizations.

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