How to Increase Traffic Through Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to let people know about your ministry without having to sell them on it.  The key to a blog is letting people see that you are an expert in the area that you serve.  If you are with a rescue mission, write about the plight of the homeless.  If  you are in youth ministry, write about the challenges and opportunity of working with youth.  You get the idea.

Once you’ve decided to do a blog and let all the world know that you are an expert, how do you increase blog traffic?  There are several simple steps you can take to get a regular flow of people coming to your blog.  They include the following:

1.  Post regularly.

2.  Link to other bloggers in your posts.

3.  Write titles with phrases that people are searching for.

4.  Write as an expert not as an advertiser.

5.  Write about the events of the day to show that you are on top of what is going on.

6.  Write about actual news events and provide insight about how these relate to your area.

7.  Add your blog to your email signature.

8.  Let people comment on your blog.

9.  Post regularly (yes, I know I repeated it, but you get the idea).

10. Include your picture with your blog; it gives you credibility.

11.  Write short posts–200-300 words.

12.  Make it fun and interesting to read.

William High is the President/General Counsel of Servant Christian Community Foundation.  He may be reached at


One Response to “How to Increase Traffic Through Your Blog”

  1. Lucy Bloom Says:

    This is very helpful, Bill. The goal of my blogsite,, is to encourage ongoing growth and communication between teen/young adult daughters and their fathers by discussing topics relevant to their relationship that get easily overlooked or slipped under the rug. I especially appreciate the tip about linking to other bloggers. The community is what it’s all about!

    Kindest regards,

    Lucy Bloom

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