Technology Challenges?

By Scott T. Rauth

rauthTechnology frustrating you? Want to get some questions answered, but there is no money in the budget? To help you with your challenges and save you time and angst, there are many effective non-profit organizations whose mission is to help you with the everyday challenges of dealing with technology.

To guide you through this process, we have prepared this listing of FREE or nearly FREE technology resources available to you as a 501c3 organization. Want to raise more money online? Google Grants pays for online advertising and garnered one of our clients’ $10,000/month in FREE advertising. Keep in mind, this grant doesn’t expire and there is no need to reapply, so this is a permanent benefit you can utilize for years to come.

Need Microsoft Office? – How about paying $25 instead of $450? Tech Soup provides software at 25-90% discounts. You want to be a good steward of the resources the Lord has blessed you with, but you’re so busy doing and helping others that you don’t have time to look into the options that can save you lots of money, time and frustration.

We encourage you to consult this Technology Resource Guide before you make any technology purchases or if you need general technical assistance. If you have other questions that this guide doesn’t address, please feel free to contact us.

Scott T. Rauth is the managing principal of Entire Computer Solutions, an outsourced technology consulting firm for small service firms and non-profit organizations in the greater Kansas City area since 1987. He can be contacted at 913-385-7800 or

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