More Money to Ministry

By Connie Hougland

Through their non-cash giving services, SCCF and iDonate have facilitated non-cash gifts totaling $40,000* to 34 ministry funds in the last 4 months!

As you are well aware, the realities of our struggling economy means nonprofits are facing a challenging fundraising climate. Nonprofits are going to need to rethink and re-energize their development strategies. As the checkbook continues to take the direct hits – whether it’s at the gas station or the supermarket – people are looking for alternatives to cash giving.

With challenge comes opportunity. The challenges of a cash tight economy call us to look beyond the checkbook for creative giving opportunities.

That’s why we are here! We desire to help you expand how giving is done. By opening the door to non-cash giving, nonprofits have the opportunity to provide donors a creative outlet to invest in things they care about. Many times the value of the non-cash gift is larger than that of a typical cash gift. In essence, nonprofits have the opportunity to grow a givers capacity to give through non-cash giving.

Non-cash giving opportunities include:

  • Publicly Traded Stock
  • Autos / Trucks
  • Boats / RVs
  • Collectibles
  • Gold, Silver, Jewelry
  • Timeshares
  • Business Inventory
  • Real Estate
  • Business Interests
  • Estate Gifts

Recent example:

As a result of having non-cash giving opportunities part of their website, one ministry has received hits from Chicago and elsewhere resulting in business inventory gift offerings (vending machines and an electrical inventory) worth potentially up to six figures!

We’d love to chat about how we can help. If you would like to discuss non-cash giving options for your ministry please contact us at 913-310-0279 or email me

* This amount does not include gifts resulting from timeshare or securities donations.


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  1. Karen Winstead Says:

    We are looking at a the huge cost of starting up our non-profit birth center and I would be interested in discussing any way your organization can help us.

    Karen Winstead, RN, CNM, MSN
    540-489-4064 home
    540-798-4064 cell

  2. jonharrison Says:

    We’d love to talk, Karen; we’ll get in touch!

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