Staying Optimistic in a Pessimistic Economy

By Jonathan Harrison

As the economy struggles and national institutions fail, individuals are nervous about their own financial futures. Unfortunately, charitable giving can sometimes be one of the first things to be eliminated from a personal budget when things get tight – or there is even the risk that things might get tight in the future.

Reuters reports it is still unclear what toll the economy will take on giving overall. They cite Melissa Berman, president of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, saying that the next few months will be a barometer of the economy’s toll on giving. “How much people give depends on how secure they feel,” she said. “I think we’ll see an impact on personal giving this fall and winter, which is when most charitable organizations depend on generosity.”

While most nonprofits, ministries and churches are bracing for tough times, some will actually thrive, though, according to Ron Keener at Church Executive Magazine. He maintains that the most prepared ministries consistently experience growth during economic downturn.

He identifies six characterics of those churches that thrive. These churches:

  • Articulate their vision clearly
  • Preach generosity
  • Work down debt
  • Teach financial planning
  • Increase communication
  • Practice transparency

Read Keener’s full article here.

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