Fundraising Tips for Tough Times

by By Ashley High

Despite the economic downturn, a ministry’s fundraising does not also have to decline. In fact, Marc Pittman, founder of, says weak economies can be very helpful to non-profits because the organizations are required to become more efficient. Here are three tips for making fundraising decisions in hard economic times.


Do not spend less on fundraising. Fundraising does cost money, however an organization will not make money if their fundraising programs are eliminated. Pittman says he conducted a survey and found that more money was raised when his organization sent out direct mail to more people and did not focus solely on those who were most likely to donate.

Do not be pessimistic. The best fundraisers are those who are optimistic. When the fundraising professional seems uncertain, people will be less likely to give. Donors should be told that the organization they are supporting will continue to make the world a better place despite the poor economy.

Do not apologize when fundraising. Being afraid or apologetic while fundraising will certainly not raise any money.  However, organizations need to be compassionate and understand that people may not be able to give at their previous levels.

The one way to raise less money is to stop asking for donations. Even in difficult economic times, organizations should continue to raise funds and to build strong relationships with their donors. An organization that makes wise investments, stays optimistic, and compassionately raises donations will succeed no matter the economy.

Information taken from: Marc A. Pittman. “Succeed at Fundraising Despite a Recession.”

Ashley High is a Research Assistant at Christian Foundation Grants ( which is a subscription database of foundations that provide grants to faith based organizations.


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